Southern Rose Foundation, Inc.


Southern Rose Foundation, Inc. is an Atlanta-based, 501 (c)(3) media arts nonprofit organization that provides mentorship and educational services for aspiring young filmmakers, creative writers, and entrepreneurs in the Greater Atlanta and surrounding areas.

The Film Industry

Independent filmmakers have opportunities to show their work at film festivals held around the metro area, as well as in other cities in the state. The entertainment industry has spawned an increase in film festivals, with some 20 being held in Georgia each year. According to, film and video production is a 45 billion-dollar industry. Over the past five years, the Movie & Video Production in the US industry has grown by 2.0%, reaching revenue of 32 billion in 2018. the number of businesses has grown by 1.7% and the number of employees has grown by 0.5%.

Georgia is the number one filming location in the world, with a film and television industry worth $7 billion – termed “The Hollywood of the South” which is a huge economic opportunity for the local communities. Training programs to develop media production skills could give a new opportunity to thousands of young filmmakers in a thriving industry.

The increase in TV/film production in Georgia can be attributed to tax incentives for producers, as the generous tax break makes the state “camera-ready” and is the best entertainment tax incentive in the nation. As of 2022, Georgia ranks No. 1 in the film industry. Over 412 film and TV productions were filmed in Georgia during the fiscal year 2022 and spent 4.4 billion statewide.

The United States film industry generated 17.4 billion in revenue in 2021, increasing in each of the past five years at an annualized rate of 2.0%. The U.S. Economic Census estimates that there are approximately more than 9,000 businesses that operate in this market. Average annual payrolls exceed 5 billion dollars among 84,000 employees. The report projected that through 2022, industry revenue will increase at an annualized rate of 3.6% to 47.9 billion in revenue.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted the growth potential for a film production company is a “faster than average” growth rate of nine percent for directors and producers between the years 2014-2024. There’s a steady growth of venues for media content in the form of streaming services, cable programming, online programming, video on demand, and other new media outlets in addition to the traditional channels.

Our Approach
Arts education is vital to developing America's next generation of creative and innovative thinkers.

Students who participate in the arts are better prepared to be fulfilled, responsible citizens who can

make a profound impact on this world.

Research has shown that students from low socioeconomic backgrounds who have arts-rich experiences

are more likely to achieve key positive outcomes—academically, socially, and civically—compared with

their peers who lack access to arts experiences.

Research also shows that students from low socioeconomic backgrounds, as well as students of color and students with disabilities, are more likely to attend schools with inadequate arts education programs. Students who have arts-rich experiences in school do better across the board academically, and they also become more active and engaged citizens, voting, volunteering, and generally participating at higher rates than their peers.

Low-income students with courses in the arts are more likely to attend college and do well there. It also improves the opportunities to find meaningful employment.

The Arts encourage students to stay in school when they might otherwise choose to leave. It gives them an opportunity to embrace different traditions and cultures. It nourishes the problem-solving skills needed for today’s complex environments.

We provide training programs, and workshops for participants, ages fourteen and up and from a low socioeconomic background to close the opportunity gap for those for whom a high-quality arts education is so often out of reach. We will train and equip the next generation of storytellers, creating an inclusive and equitable workforce in the film and digital media industry. Giving new opportunities to thousands of young filmmakers in a thriving industry.

We are addressing a community need, focusing on economic development through entrepreneurship.