Why We Do What We Do

Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders

Southern Rose Foundation Inc. was founded by Roslyn D. Williams in 2021. Roslyn’s vision is to bring talent enhancement, and self-development to our youth and young adults from different socioeconomic backgrounds and provide them with an opportunity to learn the art of storytelling.

Through her experience working in the film industry, and as a business owner and the author of two children's books, has helped shape the idea and the importance of “Creating” and “Expressing” oneself through their work and taking ownership of their own destiny.

There is a great need in our film industry to help the least funded, the most dedicated, passionate, and determined group of filmmakers in our business – the independent filmmakers.

Many independent, talented, filmmakers have great stories to share, but, like most filmmakers, they do not have a clue about raising the funds for their project.

What is heartbreaking, is seeing these films with important subjects, that tackled social issues, that need to be told, sometimes never get funded.

We understand the importance of independent filmmaking and the struggles they faced in getting their projects to the screen. Atlanta has many aspiring filmmakers who are talented, passionate,

and have great stories to share. They just need the mentorship and the funding to share their stories with the world.

Our goal is to build a strong film industry by empowering our film community by making it easier for independent filmmakers to get the needed tools and funding so that they can concentrate on their work.

We are an advocate for the diverse voices in the film and media arts community.

Our goal is to advance social and economic opportunities for underserved communities