Our Programs

Workshops & Seminars

Our Programs & Services are dedicated to building a new future through “CREATIVITY.”

We focus on three areas:

Filmmaking, Creative Writing, and Entrepreneurship

Our aim is to assist filmmakers and creative writers in their visual storytelling. Supporting a community of artists who embody diversity, innovation, and uniqueness of vision, to educate, inspire, empower, and expand the awareness and raise the consciousness of people in our community.

We support artists and provide a platform to help develop and provide the tools and funding for their projects at the early stage when funding is hard to find. We support powerful and moving storytelling by filmmakers with a strong voice across a broad spectrum of subject matters.

We utilize media as an effective tool for positive social change and for communicating to diverse communities. Our goal is to increase access to independent filmmakers, creative writers, and entrepreneurs.

Our programs are designed to cultivate a new generation of storytellers ages fourteen and up. Providing them with a platform to develop their craft and become trailblazers

Our mentoring program is designed to implement a plan to develop independent filmmakers, creative writers, and entrepreneurs

Our educational workshops teach participants how to obtain a business license, EIN, Articles of Incorporation, tax workshop for a small business, the importance of good recordkeeping, and other educational tools designed to help form their own business

Mentors who are successful entrepreneurs are brought in with similar skills to teach our participants how to start their own businesses and become successful entrepreneurs, filmmakers, and creative writers

Our programs are designed for the community to join together UNITED, to mentor participants within their expertise or field

Our workshops include in-person dialogue with filmmakers, and industry professionals with meaningful opportunities to network, interact and engage

Self-publishing your own books. Up until the early 2000s, traditional publishing was virtually the only way to get your book into the market

Authors can now bypass the traditional gatekeepers and publish their own books, using one or more of the many self-publishing platforms available

Our workshops and seminars provide writers access to developmental tools and resources to self-publish their work